Homework 7 - OPTI-202R Assigned: Due: 3/3/10 (Wednesday)...

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OPTI-202R Homework No. 7 Michael Descour Spring 2010 1 of 3 Assigned: 3/3/10 (Wednesday) Due: 3/10/10 (Wednesday) (7-1) (15 pts.) Given the following optical system in air, use paraxial raytrace methods to determine the location and size of the entrance pupil and the exit pupil. Both lenses are thin lenses. Use a raytrace sheet to trace the rays, and sketch the pupils on system drawing. If you use a spreadsheet, then you need to turn in a complete, annotated printout. (7-2) (15 pts.) Repeat the above problem using Gaussian methods. (7-3) (20 pts.) An object is located 80 mm to the left of the first element of a doubly- telecentric system. The conjugate image is located 10 mm to the right of the second element of the system. The image size is half the object size. Using thin lenses in air, determine the system layout by providing the focal lengths, spacings and stop position. (7-4) (20 pts.) Design a 400X optical microscope with a 40X objective and a 10X eyepiece. The optical tube length is 200 mm.
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This note was uploaded on 05/23/2010 for the course OPTI 202r taught by Professor Greivenkamp during the Spring '08 term at University of Arizona- Tucson.

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Homework 7 - OPTI-202R Assigned: Due: 3/3/10 (Wednesday)...

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