Homework 8 - OPTI-202R Assigned: Due: 3/12/10 (Friday)...

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OPTI-202R Homework No. 8 Michael Descour Spring 2010 1 of 4 Assigned: 3/12/10 (Friday) Due: 3/24/10 (Wednesday) REMINDER : Midterm II on Friday, April 19, 2010. (8-1) (40 pts.) The goal of this problem is to design a door peephole to view your visitors (you see them, but they don’t see you). The eye should be included as part of the design, and for this problem we will model the eye as a single refracting surface of radius of curvature of 5.65 mm. The index of the eye is that of water (1.333), and the pupil or iris diameter is 4 mm and is located at the cornea. The retina is located at the rear focal point of the cornea. The macula is the central portion of the retina and is specialized for resolution. The fovea is the highest resolution part of the macula and has a diameter of about 1.5 mm. The resolution of the retina drops off outside the macula. The macula has a diameter of about 3 mm, and we will somewhat arbitrarily use an area of about 1.5 times the macula diameter to define the visual field of view for this application. The peephole is a non-inverting afocal system used to increase the field of view of the eye through the door. The iris of the eye is the system stop. (a) Design a thin-lens peephole that covers a total field of 90° and has a total length of 30 mm (it
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Homework 8 - OPTI-202R Assigned: Due: 3/12/10 (Friday)...

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