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Homework 9 - OPTI-202R Assigned Due(Friday(Wednesday...

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OPTI-202R Homework No. 9 Michael Descour Spring 2010 1 of 4 Assigned: 3/26/10 (Friday) Due: 3/31/10 (Wednesday) REMINDER : Midterm II on Monday, April 19, 2010. (9-1) (75 pts.) You have just been pressed into the position of chief optical engineer for some eccentric pirate, and you have been ordered (!) to design a new collapsible or draw-tube telescope for the entire pirate fleet (no need for binoculars with these types!). This type of telescope is sometimes called a spyscope or a spyglass. A draw-tube telescope is a monocular terrestrial telescope that is built in a series of nesting tubes so it can be expanded to full length for use, and then collapsed for convenient storage. All of the optical elements must be in fixed mounts/locations within their respective tube section. Expanded: Collapsed: The telescope specifications are: Magnifying power 15X (erect image) Number of sections or tubes 3 Individual tube length 150 mm (all equal) Telescope length when expanded 450 mm (ignore any mechanical considerations or
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Homework 9 - OPTI-202R Assigned Due(Friday(Wednesday...

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