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OPTI 280 Assignment 11 Spring 2010 This assignment is due in one week. Each assignment is worth 100 points, and assignments that are handed in late will be penalized 15 points per week. NOTE: To receive full credit for any problem, you must hand in printouts of all programs you are asked to write as well as printouts of all command window output and any plots that the programs produce. All programs must conform to the programming rules handed out at the beginning of the semester. Write the answers to the question(s) associated with each problem at the end of program for that problem (on the same sheet, if possible). Read sections 35 and 37-40 in the MatLab Tutorial and section 8.5 of Herniter to get an overview of the material covered in this assignment. 1. (a) Write a MatLab program that uses Euler’s method to solve the differential equation dy dt = sin t with initial condition y ( t = 0) = 0 from t = 0 to t = 4. Run the program using N = 10 steps and have the program plot the numerical solution over
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