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I. Instructions 1 Time Allowed: 2 1/2 Hours 2 You may use a calculator. 3 Part I consists of 40 multiple choice questions. Each question is worth 2 points. Answer all 40 multiple choice questions by choosing the single best answer. Circle the appropriate letter on the exam. 4 Part II consists of two short answer questions. One is on General Equilibrium (2 parts) and one is on inflation. In answering each part, be sure to include your work, where possible, to receive full credit. Point allocations vary among the questions. Allocate time accordingly. 5 Write your name on each sheet of the test. 6 There are ___ pages to the test , not including the cover sheet. 7 Good luck. II. Rules, Guidelines and Expectations [1] Receiving or providing assistance on this exam is strictly prohibitted. [2] Use, during the exam, of materials other than those permitted by me is strictly prohibitted. [3] When you are finished, please turn in your test. If, at any time, you are found to be in violation, you will receive an "F" on the test. Academic dishonesty shall be adjudicated by the proper authority. I, _______________________________, have read the above statements and agree to the specified terms and conditions. _______________________________________ Macroeconomics FINAL EXAM: 120 Points Total sign and date print your name neatly in the space provided
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