The Four 1 - The Four Ds deviance. Deviance is the...

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The Four D’s deviance. Deviance is the deviation from what is referred to as normal psychological functioning (Comer, 2008). Otherwise, a deviance refers to an individual’s behavior, thoughts, and emotions differing significantly from societal norms (Lain, 2007). Each society establishes norms—stated and unstated rules for proper behavior (Comer, 2005). Those who conform to societal standards of behaviors are viewed as normal and those that deviate from these standards are referred to as abnormal (Lain, 2007). However, the line between what is norm and the deviances from that norm vary by culture and society (Lain, 2007). For example, Japan’s society considers child prostitution acceptable; thus, rationalizing pedophile as a standard norm (Blaylock, 2001). In contrast, the American society views pedophile not an acceptable behavior within the standard norm but a deviance from that norm. Additionally, societies tend to change over time (Comer, 2005). Values change causing the societies views of what is psychologically abnormal to changes as well (Comer, 2005). distress
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The Four 1 - The Four Ds deviance. Deviance is the...

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