The Brain The Five Major Structures and Functions

The Brain The Five Major Structures and Functions - Running...

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Running Head: BRAIN STRUCTURES AND FUNCTIONS 1 Gary D. Neer The Brain: The Five Major Structures and Functions PSY/240 December 6, 2009 THEA LAWTON The Brains Five Major Structures and Functions
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THE BRAIN 2 The brain is the central control center of the other organ systems of the body. Although most of all the other parts of the body show how they work; the brain, which does more than any other organ, shows the least of evidences of function (Kluger, 2007). This three pound piece of wrinkled tissue not only serves as the central control center but is, also the place of one’s mind, thoughts, and sense of all existence. In the brain are five major structures of the brain and each structure functions in the human body. The five structures are telencephalon, diencephalon, mesencephalon, metencephalon, and myelencephalon (medull). Telencephalon Structure The telencephalon structure is a vast area of the brain. The telencephalon is the frontal part of the brain toward the oral and nasal regional area to the midbrain. The outmost portion of the telencephalon is the cerebrum or called the cerebral hemisphere. The outer lays of the cerebral hemispheres consists of a wrinkled outer lays of gray matter called cerebral cortex (Nervous system, 2009). The telencephalon has many functions. The telencephalon determines intelligence (e.g. speech and abstract thoughts (Nervous system, 2009), determines personality, permits for the interpretation of sensory impulses, and manages the control of voluntary movements (Nervous system, 2009). Additionally, the telencephalon, plans and organizes, manages the sense of smell, and the touch of sensation. Within the hemispheres of the cerebrum within the telencephalon there is a dominant hemisphere and a non-dominant hemisphere. The dominant hemisphere controls language, mathematical and analytical functions, and handedness (Nervous system, 2009).
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The Brain The Five Major Structures and Functions - Running...

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