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Running Head: DIMENSIONS OF LOVE 1 Sternberg’s Dimensions of Love Gary D. Neer PSY/220 April 25, 2010 Melissa Gonzalez
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STERNBERG’S DIMENSIONS OF LOVE  2 Sternberg’s Dimensions of Love According to Robert Sternberg’s triangular theory of love there are three dimensions that are the major components of love (Bolt, 2004). The dimensions of love are intimacy, commitment, and passion (Bolt, 2004). Furthermore, there is an interrelatedness of the dimensions which create several subtypes of love allowing individuals to have a better understanding of their relationship (Bolt, 2004). Intimacy Intimacy includes valuing one another, giving and receiving support, being there for each other, and holding them with high regard. Additionally, individuals explore similarities and differences in thinking, feeling and behaving (Bolt, 2005). But what mostly fosters intimacy is the element of self-disclosure (Bolt, 2005). Otherwise, providing information to the other person about one’s self in which the person would not normally know or discover. Commitment Commitment is the act of maintaining a relationship with loyalty (Bolt, 2005). Individuals who have a personal commitment have the desire to continue the relationship
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Steinburgs Theory of Love - RunningHead:DIMENSIONSOFLOVE 1...

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