Unit 1 Vocab - Sampling Bias When a sampling method...

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Unformatted text preview: Sampling Bias- When a sampling method regularly under represents some segment of the population and over represents others. Observational Study- researchers record data from subjects without interfering in subjects' actions or choices conclusions about cause-and-effect should not be drawn Explanatory Variable- the variable in a study whose values might explain a pattern in values of another variable Response Variable- the variable in a study whose values might be determined by values of another variable Lurking Variable- a variable that might be related to the other important variables in a study, but is not addressed by the study Confounding Variable- a variable that has values which cannot be separated from the other variables in a study making it impossible to attribute any observed tendency to values of any one particular variable Placebo- a harmless treatment given to patients in the control group so they are not aware that they are not being treated Random Assignment- using a process such as a coin flip to decide whether a patient enters the control group or the treatment group...
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