Vocab (Untested) - Chapter 1 Variability the phenomenon of...

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Chapter 1 Variability – the phenomenon of a variable taking on different values or categories from observational unit to observational unit Categorical – this variable records a group designation, such as gender Chapter 3 Sample size – the number of observational units (people or objects) studies in a sample Representative – when a sample has similar characteristics to the population Sampling frame - Chapter 4 Simple random sampling – eliminates sampling bias by giving every observational unit in the population an equal chance of being selected Table of random digits – a better alternative for selecting a simple random sample Precision – the precision of a sample statistic refers to how much the values vary from sample to sample. Precision relates to sample size: sample statistics from larger samples are more precise and close together than those from smaller samples. Chapter 5 Treatment - the explanatory variable group Placebo effect – when subjects respond positively to being given a treatment, whether the treatment is actually affective Randomized comparative experiment – when each subject has an equal chance of being assigned to any of the treatment groups Chapter 6 Independence – two categorical variables are said to be independent if the conditional distributions of one variable are identical for every category of the other variable Chapter 7 Bins – subintervals Stemplot – created by taking the quantitative data by separating each data value into 2 pieces: a stem and leaf Relative frequency – the proportions Frequency – the number Symmetric – a distribution is said to be symmetric if its left tail extends toward smaller values
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Vocab (Untested) - Chapter 1 Variability the phenomenon of...

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