Chapter 3 Summary - religion, the workplace, among others....

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Mark Biagi 2/14/10 Chapter 3 Summary Chapter 3 begins with a section defining what human nature is in the forms of topics such as feral children, isolated children, institutionalized children, and deprived animals. The next section is about socialization into the self and mind, which includes sections about Cooley, Mead, and Piaget. Following the section on the development of personality, emotions, and morality chapter 3 goes into the socialization differences between males and females. Next, the book went over sources of socialization, including family, neighborhood,
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Unformatted text preview: religion, the workplace, among others. Finally the chapter ends with a description of the development of socialization throughout the stages of life. Multiple Choice Questions 1. According to Jean Piaget, the third step in the development of reasoning is: A. The Sensorimotor Stage B. The Concrete Operational Stage C. The Preoperational Stage D. The Formal Operational Stage Correct Answer: B 2. The founder of psychoanalysis is: A. Sigmund Freud B. Carol Gilligan C. Lawrence Kohlberg D. Charles Horton Cooley Correct Answer: A...
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Chapter 3 Summary - religion, the workplace, among others....

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