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Chapter 6 Summary - perspective of chapter 6 The chapter...

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Mark Biagi 3/14/2010 Chapter 6 Summary Chapter 6 begins with an explanation of what deviance is and how the areas of psychology, sociology, and sociobiology define deviance. The second part of chapter 6 is about the symbolic interactionist perspective, which includes the differential association theory, the control theory, and the labeling theory. Next, was the functionalist perspective, which includes the strain theory and the argument of whether or not deviance is necessary for society. The third perspective, the conflict perspective, is the final
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Unformatted text preview: perspective of chapter 6. The chapter ends with topics such as reactions of deviance, the medicalization of deviance, and ways to a more humane approach towards deviance. 1. The founder of conflict perspective is: A. Karl Marx B. Edwin Sutherland C. Emile Durkheim D. David Matza Correct Answer: A 2. All of the following are part of the symbolic interactionist perspective except: A. Control Theory B. Differential Association Theory C. Strain Theory D. Labeling Theory Correct Answer: C...
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