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Chapter 8 Possible Multip - d women 4 Which one of these...

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Chapter 8 Possible Multiple Choice Questions 1. ____________ comes in many forms such as buildings, land, animals, machinery, cars, stocks, bonds, businesses, furniture and bank accounts. a. wealth b. income c. property d. social class 2. Social classes consist of large groups of people who rank closely to one another in which of the following: a. property b. power c. prestige d. all of the above 3. Which of the following groups has the highest poverty rate?
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Unformatted text preview: d. women 4. Which one of these terms is not used by Sociologists to measure social class? a. income b. education c. heritage d. occupational prestige 5. _____________ compares parents to their children in regards to social status, and defines how children can affect the familys’ social class either positively and negatively. a. structural mobility b. distribution of wealth c. distribution of income d. intergenerational mobility...
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