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Chapter 9 Summary - multicultural society in the future...

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Mark Biagi 4/25/10 Chapter 9 Summary Chapter 9 starts with a background on minority and dominant groups, the differences between race and ethnicity, and how race is a both a reality and myth. Next up was why people are prejudiced and how sociologists and psychologists explain prejudice. The second half of the chapter finished with the major patterns of group relations, an overview of the major ethnic groups in America and the challenges they are faced with, and the issues of immigration, affirmative action, and the development of a
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Unformatted text preview: multicultural society in the future. Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following is the most humane pattern of of minority and dominant group relations? A. Assimilation B. Multiculturalism C. Internal Colonialism D. Population Transfer Correct Answer: B 2. Which psychologist coined the term “authoritarian personality”? A. Theodor Adorno B. Sigmund Freud C. John Dollard D. Emory Cowen Correct Answer: A...
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