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Chapter 10 Possible - power based on a person’s sex a segregation b sexual harassment c patriarchy d gender stratification 4 The term refers to

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Chapter 10 Possible MC Questions 1. Some Sociologists suggest that we replace the terms masculinity and feminity with: a. sex and gender b. x chromosomes and y chromosomes c. males and females d. masculinities and femininities 2. In differentiating between male and female, the ___________ of a person would refer to their distinguishing biological characteristics, whereas the _____________ of a person refers to their distinct social characteristics. a. Sex, gender b. Gender, sex c. Nature, nurture d. Nurture, nature 3. The term _____________ refers to an unequal access to property, prestige, and
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Unformatted text preview: power based on a person’s sex. a. segregation b. sexual harassment c. patriarchy d. gender stratification 4. The term ____________ refers to the increasing proportion of older persons in the United States’ population. a. life expectancy b. graying of America c. aging of America d. aging 5. ___________ is the philosophy that men and women should be politically, socially and economically equal. a. sexism b. gender scrutiny c. feminism d. gender stratification...
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