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water pollution summary - can cause health problems such as...

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Elie Jermanos Water Polllution The state of California is taking strict measurements regarding water pollution. Many of the LA county cities including Burbank, and Glendale get a large supply of their drinking water from the San Fernando Valley aquifer, which contains chromium. The substance is also known as hexavalent chromium. The state has set a goal to reduce the chromium level down to 0.06 part per billion. 18% of water drinking sources in California are currently 6 levels above the the state public health goal. Cities currently mix their current ground water with the imported water that contains chromium to cut down the chrormium level in the drinking water. Inhaling chromium 6
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Unformatted text preview: can cause health problems such as lung and gastrointestinal cancers for people who breath it. Assistant General Manager at Glendale Water & Power stated that the goal of reaching 0.06 chromium level is still not enough, and treatment will always be necessary as the city of Glendale imports 25% of its water supply form the San Fernando Valley aquifer. Glendale is currently testing two techniques to remove chromium 6 from the water. Also, the EPA is trying to identify the responsible parties for the chromium contamination. Bettina Boxall, LA TIMES, on August 21, 2009 Los Angeles, California...
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