Water legislation - the north. Politicians have agreed to...

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Elie Jermanos Article Summary Water Legislation During a congress negotiation session, both sides agreed on a project of building a new canal to transfer water from north to south and one or two new dams. Many Californians would benefit from such project. The long controversial canal will carry the water from Sacramento to south the sate. The funding of the project will be on the 2010 ballot for vote. Environmentalists have been realizing that current water transfer system is the biggest threat to the delta, not the canal. Southern California districts are trying to find a new way to get water other than importing from
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Unformatted text preview: the north. Politicians have agreed to continue the cut down of the states water use, to reach 20% by 2020. They are also debating penalties for parties that illegally divert water. The project is not totally official yet; it is too far from being cancelled. The negotiation leader is looking for a solid agreement before he puts it in writing. Mostly everything is agreed on until now, but were still waiting for the votes. George Skelton LA Times Los Angeles, California...
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