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The State Of Israel Israel is the world’s only Jewish state, formed in 1948 in Palestine, and located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is surrounded by Lebanon on the North, by Syria on the North East, by Jordan on the East, by Egypt and a part of the Red Sea on the South. Israel has a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by cold, rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. About seventy percent of the average rainfall in the country falls in the period between November and March, Fewer rain falls in the period between June and August. The rainfall in Israel is unevenly distributed, the most rain falls in the North and it decreases as it moves toward the south. In the Negev Desert violent storms are present with the rain which causes a lot of flooding. The areas that receive more than three hundred millimeters of rainfall per year are the ones that are the most cultivated, that would be about one-third of the country. (http://countrystudies.us/israel/) Israel has a higher Fertility rate than Europe. Israel women have three children on Average. Statistics also shows that Israeli consumes less alcohol on average each year than any other European country with 1.65 Liters per citizen, however on the other side twenty-five of Israelis adult smoke. Israel has more doctors and dentists than many Europeans countries estimates are about 7,625 Dentists, and 25,058 Doctors which gives every 100,000 citizens 113 Dentists, and 372 Doctors. (http://countrystudies.us/israel/) Israel’s Military force is divided into three branches: the Defense Forces (IDF), the Air Force (IAF), and the Naval Forces (INF). In Israel both sexes of Jews and Druze are obligated to military service, however it is voluntary for Christians and Muslims; currently after the war of July 2006 against a terrorist organization in the south of Lebanon, the number of Christians and
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Arabs in the Israeli forces have dropped, in addition the Israeli government is having a difficulty recruiting more enlisted men in the Military. The United States is the major source for Israel’s military aid. (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/is.html) Communication and technology in Israel is one of the best in the Middle East. There are over three million land lines in use, and a little less than nine million of activated mobile cellular phones, divided into four private owned mobile service providers with countrywide coverage. Internationally Israel has submarine cables that provide link to Europe, Cyprus, and parts of the
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Poli-Sci 2 Report - The State Of Israel Israel is the...

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