Poli-Sci 2 midterm - 1 Democracy is a unique system for...

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1. Democracy is a unique system for organizing relations between the government and the citizens of a nation. The main concept of Democracy is that people have the right to govern themselves, most cases in an indirect way by electing their own governing officials, and hold them accountable for their actions. Democracy is also a system of government where the rights and freedoms are guaranteed equally without any kind of discrimination, and the authority and interference of the government is limited (O’Neil, CH 6, PG 247 – Sodaro, CH 7, PG 171) In order to have Democracy several factors should be present, the following procedures are necessary but not sufficient for a Democracy to exist: Elected officials should have control over all government decisions. Officials are elected in a fairly conducted election. All adults have the right to vote and elect their representatives. All adults have the right to run for elective government offices. People have the right to express their opinions and beliefs without any danger of being punished. Citizens have the right to for their own political parties, interest groups, organizations, and independent associations (O’Neil, CH 6, PG 251) Although all the freedoms and rights we can find in a democracy, in addition to the fact that us, the citizens are able to govern ourselves, democracies are not perfect and on the other side they have negative effects on the economy, the administration, and the difficulty of governing. Democracies are not always more efficient economically than other forms of government. The economic growth, individual savings, and market investments in a democracy are not as good as other types of government. Also Democracies are not necessarily more efficient administratively; as decisions and laws take a longer period of time to get discussed, and passed comparing to other types of government, because it requires the approval of the elected officials (Parliament members, House of representatives, Ministers … ) which makes it even harder when these government officials represent political parties, interest groups, ethnic
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groups, organizations, religions with opposing ideas and beliefs. In addition democracies are not
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Poli-Sci 2 midterm - 1 Democracy is a unique system for...

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