ENG1A_Assignment 2 - Final

ENG1A_Assignment 2 - Final - Elie Jermanos Dr Melnarik...

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Elie Jermanos Dr. Melnarik Wednesday, February 03, 2010 America Abroad The United States is well-known as an immigrant country, where many people from across the globe have been coming over the years to reside. For many foreigners, living in America is a huge dream. People from poor countries see in the United States the land of opportunities. The fact that the United States is a country containing many immigrants from different traditions helps it to export its values to the rest of the world. As time passes by, immigrants to America try to adapt to their new home and share the same values with their fellow Americans. In most cases, the new generation forgets its parents’ home culture and becomes American. American globalization exports the United States’ culture to the world; however, it makes the United States a target for whoever is affected by or disagrees with its policies. The American culture is now known around the globe. Even though the spread of our culture has brought a lot of hate to the United States from outsiders, it also had its positive impacts. Although they’re Americans, companies like Burger King, McDonalds, Coca-cola, and Pepsi, earn most of their income from abroad. The speedy growth of our companies internationally, made them a symbol of their typical product. McDonalds and Burger King
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deliver the delicious American burger. Pepsi and Coca-Cola offer the best “Coke” around the globe. In addition, they export the “good” image of America to consumers abroad. A really good example of this is McDonalds, which has over thirteen thousand restaurants abroad. In Eastern countries McDonalds is not just a cheap and fast restaurant with drive thru services; it is decent classical restaurant. Most of these restaurants do not have drive thru services in other countries; because customers want to enjoy their stay at such restaurants. Also McDonalds is not the cheapest restaurant abroad, it is however pretty expensive. Although an average meal still costs about six to seven dollars, this is not always affordable for countries that use other currencies. For example, four years ago when I was in Lebanon, the minimum wage was about two hundred dollars a month. I used to get from my parents twenty dollars monthly as allowance. Once a month, I was willing to spend one third of my allowance just to have a McDonalds meal at lunch break. It was such a big show off and pleasure to have an American meal in front of other students at school. The idea that using an American product is such a show off, bring a good picture of America to the world. The American globalization of the world is allowing the export of the American culture
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ENG1A_Assignment 2 - Final - Elie Jermanos Dr Melnarik...

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