33B Essay 1 - Elie Jermanos Mrs Rosenchein ESL 33B Monday...

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Elie Jermanos. Mrs. Rosenchein. ESL 33B Monday, August 31 st 2009. First Essay. People in many countries in the world dream of coming to America. Over the past years many immigrants have been coming to the United States. New immigrants face many difficulties when they get the U.S.A.: They have a hard time communicating with each other, they struggle with transportation, and find it hard to socialize and make friends. Communicating with other people is a challenge for immigrants when they first come to the United States. Immigrants speak different languages and have different traditions. Their sentence structure is often not correct, because they translate it from their own language into English. This also makes it harder on the native English speaker to understand what they mean. For example, a new immigrant might go to his college and find himself unable to clearly communicate with his counselor to register for the correct classes or with his professor to understand specific directions that were given in class. In addition, Transportation is a difficult task for new immigrants that they have to deal
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33B Essay 1 - Elie Jermanos Mrs Rosenchein ESL 33B Monday...

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