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IQ Test 1- If BHS has 2500 students, and the school gets $20 per student, then the school makes $345,000 per week. True False 2-If there are 29 students in a classroom, then there should be a total of 60 legs. True False 3- If the distance from Glenoaks Blvd to Thirst St is 250FT, and from Harvard Rd to Fairmount St is 500 F, what would the area of Burbank High School be ? A- 124000 FT B- 125000FT C- 126000FT 4-If a student read four books each year that are 350 pages each. By the end of their senior year they should have read ______ pages. A- 6200 page B- 5600 page C- 2450 page D- 3400 page 5-If all 2800 student of BHS are talking an English class, and there are 80 English classrooms on campus, how many students will teachers have in a classroom?
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Unformatted text preview: A- 25 B- 35 C- 45 D- 40 6- If BHS consumes 56 papers each period, how many papers does the school spend a week if there are 6 periods a day? A- 2145 B- 2352 C- 2671 7-If a student has 6 periods, how many passing periods he gets a day ? A-4 B-5 C-6 8-Excluding passing periods, how many minutes of break do students gets a day? A- 60 minutes (1hour) B- 50 minutes C- 48 minutes 9-If we have 2800 students and campus and 8 supervisors, what would the supervisors/student ratio be? True False 10-If you are late five times to a class, then you will be assigned four hours of detention True False 11- How many community service hours are required for graduation ? A-10 B-15 C-20 D-30...
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