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Elie Jermanos Mr. Melnarik Monday, January 25 th , 2009 Hamlet in the jungle It‘s more than just a film, it is now an icon of the Disney company. In 1994, Disney released The Lion King, an animated film of Disney has caught the attention of many viewers in the United States, and worldwide. The translation of this film made it available to Millions of viewers in the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Adults and children stood in long lines to buy a ticket for this Disney film. The Lion King, Disney’s 32 nd film contains similar archetypes, and is inspired from the Shakespeare play “Hamlet” The Lion King is an animated movie, that contains numerous archetypes. Archetypes are literature patterns where the basics of the plot reoccur. The Archetypes that are present in the Lion King are easy to notice. Simba is the ultimate hero of the story. The film starts when Simba was born, it shows few stages of his life, and ends when he gets the throne. The “death and rebirth” phase is another archetype in the film. The “death” of Simba in the movie is his run away from the kingdom when Scar, his uncle, makes believe that he was responsible for the death of his father. He refuses to face his uncle, and disappears in the desert. It was believed that he was physically dead in the “Pridelands”. Simba’s fear of facing his uncle, and accusing him of murdering the king is the “death” of Simba. Although he was never dead this was Simba’s
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Assignment 1 - Elie Jermanos Mr. Melnarik Monday, January...

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