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1 BinomialProblems 2/10/2010 Binomial Problems from The Statistics Problem Solver For each of these problems: Plan State your question Verify that the conditions for the Binomial distribution are met Define the random variable (x) you are interested in determine what is n , p and q for the random variable Show do the mechanics of the problem using your TI-83 Tell State your conclusion based on your results. Your conclusion must be in the context of the problem 1. Monty Python completed 60% of his passes one season. Assuming he stays healthy and maintains his record as a quarterback, what is the probability that he will complete 80 of his first 100 passes in the next season? n = _100 _ p = _0.6 _ q = _0.4 _ x = __80 _ This problem satisfies the conditions for a Binomial. 1. There are a fixed number of trials throwing a pass. Each pass is independent of the other passes. 2. There are only 2 possible outcomes: successfully completing a pass or failure which is an incomplete pass. 3. The probability of completing a pass stays the same for each trial. 4. The random variable counts the number of complete passes. Using your TI-83, go to Dist like your text book says and use: Binompdf(100,.6,80) which will give you 1.053 x 10 -5 or 0.00001053 This means that if everything stays the same, the chance of Monty completing 80 passes is very remote. His average is np or 60 per 100 so this makes sense. 2. There are 20 machines on the plant floor of a local manufacturing company. Due to uptime problems, the probability that a machine is working at the end of
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Problems-Answers - Binomial Problems from The Statistics...

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