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exam1,page 2 - 7 Ofthe following which lies closest to the...

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Unformatted text preview: , 7. Ofthe following, which lies closest to the surface oftheEarth a. mesophere ' b. mesopause Cc) stratOpause d. thermopause @ stratosphere . 8. Most weatheroccurs in the ' a. therosphere b. tropopause (c3 troposphere d. mesosphere e. ionosphere 9. On the weather map, a line indicating constant pressure is best termed an a. isoplotr b. isotherm c. isotach d. isoline Ce) isobar 10. 32 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to degrees Kelvin a. 0 b_ 100 32;:06227314 c. 212 G) 273 e. 312 11. Heat is a measure of energy. It a. is the same as temperature 13. usually moves from colder objects to warmer objects 0. is the sum of all energy in a give obj ect or parcel of air ’@ does not flow between objects that have the same tamperatiire @ is a measure ofpotential energy ' . ~: great-j : m (“we 12. wafers heat from molecule to molecule through physical contact a. Convection b. Advection c. Radiation d. Latent Heating @ Conduction . - 13. Convectioa in the atmosphere many times is associated with the development of fair weather clouds. It can be initiated by conduction at ground level usually occurs at night most frequentiy occurs during the winter is most prevalent in polar regions is known as advection when air movement is vertical 999.04%) ...
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