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exam1,page 3 - Ofthetollowing processes involving water...

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Unformatted text preview: Ofthetollowing processes involving water, which happens least frequently on Earth and in the earth’s atmosphere Ci) sublimation bi freezing c. evaporation d. melting f- a. condensation 15. Regarding electromagnetic energy, it is true that ' a. wavelength is one half the height from peak to crest solar radiation is "short wave radiation." c. the Earth's radiation is of shorter length. on average, than the Sun‘s d. longwa—ve radiation is more energetic than shortwave radiation e. the Earth absorbs most shortwave radiation at night 16. The albedo of an object is the percentage of light that it - a.--- --absorbs b. scatters c. transmits reflects e. retracts i7. Kirchhoff‘s law a. ' only applies to blackbodies b. gives the wavelength of maximum energy emission 0. states that the rate of energy emission from an object is proportional to the fourth power of the temperature d.‘ applies to the Sun, but not the Earth , 6) an object that absorbs certain wavelengths well will also be a good emitter at that wavelength 18. In the Northern Hemisphere, the longest days occur around the ' a. autumnal equinox I I 7 _ - V a Vital-ragga“ r ‘ ‘ ' C finimmataicegelg l}; (1. winter solstice - e. period of aphelion 19. At 60 degrees north latitude, maximum solar energy would strike the top of the atmosphere on a. March 21 (in) June 21 0. September 21 d. December 21 e. Ground Hog Day 26. Water vapor a. does not absorb shortwave radiation , b. .-does not absorb longwave radiation @ both absorbs and emits longwave radiation d. emits longwave radiation, but does not absorb it e. does not contribute to the greenhouse effect ...
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