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English 1B TH 6:15 Feb.16, 2006 Explication Paper Thomas Lux’s Critique of Social Structure in “The Swimming Pool” At first reading Thomas Lux’s single stanza poem, “The Swimming Pool,” the reader is introduced to a description of children interacting at an apartment swimming pool. The poem, written in third person, conveys the feelings of each of the characters. It is not until the end (lis 25-35) that the reader is exposed to the true meaning of the poem. In fact, the poem is not about children; instead, it is about the way society has always been. The children are representative of the social class structure, where the “fat boy” represents the lower class, the girl that “waivers to the side” represents the middle class and the three “cruel” children represent the rich. In short, Lux’s complex poem illustrates that people despise those that are beneath them when they should be angry with those who oppress them. One of the unique features of Lux’s poem is the way the poem is formatted. All of the sentences are cut off at the end of each line. There seems to be no real reason why
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English 1B TH 6a - English 1B TH 6:15 Feb.16, 2006...

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