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Bis 104 etzler Q - Page 2

Bis 104 etzler Q - Page 2 - 6. yofNa K erythrocyteghosts....

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6. You are studying the transport activity of Na + K + ATPase in sealed “right side out” erythrocyte ghosts. It is possible to adjust the contents of the inside of the ghosts during their preparation. Beside each substance below write INSIDE or OUTSIDE to designate whether it must be present inside or outside the ghost to maintain enzyme activity. a) Na + ______________ b) ATP ______________ c) Ouabain inhibits the activity of Na + K + ATPase by binding to the K + ­ binding site of this enzyme. Must ouabain be on the inside of the ghost or the outside of the ghost to inhibit the Na + K + ATPase activity? 7. Beside each portion of the cell listed below, write either “inside” or “outside” to designate whether it is topologically related to the inside or the outside of the cell. Interior of lysosome ____________________ Nuclear matrix ____________________ Cytosol ____________________ Lumen of endoplasmic reticulum ____________________ Space between the two mitochondrial membranes ____________________ 8. Midtermase is a soluble enzyme that can be isolated from the lysosomes of fibroblasts.
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