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Bis 104 etzler Q - Page 3

Bis 104 etzler Q - Page 3 - .Thedifferences summarized...

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washed and then SDS was added. The differences between the samples are summarized in the table below. Tube 1 No microsomes Tube 2 Microsomes Protease added after SDS Tube 3 Microsomes Deglycosylating enzyme added after SDS Tube 4 Microsomes Tube 5 Microsomes Protease added and then removed by washing before adding SDS The contents of each of the tubes were then run in SDS gel electrophoresis, followed by exposure to film to detect the labeled protein. Each lane on the film (autoradiogram) below corresponds to one of the above samples ( but they are not necessarily in order ). In the circle above each lane, place the number of the above tube containing the sample that should give the results shown in that lane. (Note: the direction of electrophoretic migration is from top to bottom . .. i.e. the smallest proteins are at the bottom of the gel. You can assume that the molecular weight of a
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