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Page 1 Name ____________________________________ PART I: Techniques Fill in the blank with the name of the technique or the procedure described. (12 pts) 1 . Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)_ is the microscopic procedure most useful for viewing the results of freeze-fracture / freeze- etch on a cell system. 2. phase – contrast or DIC __________ is the microscopic technique that provides the best resolution and visibility when viewing unstained live cells. 3. transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is the technique of choice for viewing the ultra-structure of fixed and stained cells. 4. fusion heterokaryons ________________ describes a procedure that results in having two nuclei from
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Unformatted text preview: different species enclosed within the plasma membrane of a single cell. 5. single particle tracking (SPT )_________ is the technique that uses protein labeling and time-lapse video-enhanced microscopy to monitor the movement of one protein within the PM of a live cell. 6. transfection _ ______________________ is a procedure whereby a DNA construct is induced to enter a live cell. 7. autoradiography_ ___________________ is a technique for detecting the location and distribution of isotopically labeled macromolecules in a cell or tissue section. Demo...
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