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Why is the category you have chosen considered to be the weakest of the three? (1 pts) Plausibility is weakest because it provides only correlative, circumstantial evidence, not a direct proof of cause and effect. Page 4 Name ________________________ The formula for calculating microscopic resolution is: d = (0.61) x ( ) / (n) x (sin ) 6a. Give a one sentence definition of “d” (resolution) as it applies to microscopy (2 pts) The resolving power (d) of a microscope lens refers to the minimum distance of separation between two objects
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Unformatted text preview: in a specimen such that they can be clearly seen as two distinct entities b. Suppose that in your research lab you have a microscope outfitted with ocular lenses capable of 10x magnification and 2 objective lenses, one at 10x and one at 40x. What is the maximal achievable magnification with this microscope? (2 pts) (10x ocular) x (40x objective) = 400x total magnification Demo...
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