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BIS 104-001 QUIZ #3 Name ______________________________ SS I, 2007 (last) (first) 1. To determine the specific roles played by Schwann cells and neurons in arteriogenesis, Mukouyama used Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) to separate these cell types into two highly purified populations. In order to properly interpret the results of experiments using these cell populations, it was important to verify the purity of their cells. They used two different criteria to test the purity of their cells, one based on a molecular analysis and one based on cytological analysis. Choose one criterion (either molecular or cytological) and describe how the analysis was performed and indicate the results obtained. (10 pts) ANALYSIS: Molecular: In this analysis, RT-PCR is used to test the cytoplasm of the two cell types for the presence of specific mRNAs that are characteristic for that cell type alone (e.g., mRNA coding for GFAP in Schwann cells and mRNA coding for SCG10 in neurons). The results are depicted in Fig. 6D of the article.
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