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bis_104_quiz_3_key_07 - Page 2 - No ATP expended ATP...

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2. Compare (indicate significant similarities and differences) a symporter such as GLUT-2 and an active transport complex such as the Na + /K + ATPase pump. (5 pts) GLUT-2 Symporter Na + / K + ATPase pump Two solutes (e.g., Na+ and glucose) are two solutes are transported in opposite transported in the same direction directions (Na+ out and K+ in)
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Unformatted text preview: No ATP expended ATP hydrolysis required to drive pump Transport mediated by a multi-pass same transmembrane protein transporter protein is solute-specific same transport shows saturation kinetics same for GLUT-2, Na+ is transported down Na+ is pumped against its its concentration gradient concentration gradient Demo...
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