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NAME __________________________________ PAGE 5 Once you have demonstrated that the VEGF receptor is an integral membrane protein it would be interesting to know if it has the capacity to move laterally within the plane of the membrane. In your lab you have a fluorescein tagged antibody specific for the VEGF receptor and a fluorescence microscope with a light source that can be adjusted to give any desired wavelength of visible light. Using the technique of f luorescent r ecovery a fter p hotobleaching (FRAP), design an experiment to determine the rate
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Unformatted text preview: of lateral movement of the VEGF receptors in endothelial cells. Be sure to list all of your procedural steps in the order in which they would be performed. Obtain a purified population of your cells. Expose the cell to the FITC-antibody specific for the VEGF receptor. . Wash away any unbound antibody. Focus an intense beam of blue light on part of one cell to photobleach that spot. Observe that spot over time to measure the rate of restoration of green fluorescnse. Demo...
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