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The diagrams below depict two cells that line the airway of the respiratory system. The cell on the left (N) is from a normal individual , the one on the right (CF) is from a patient with cystic fibrosis. Information describing some of the cell components is provided below the diagrams. Questions 1a – e are based on these two cells and their components. is the CFTR protein; an integral membrane is the hypothesized mutant form protein with both internal and external of the CFTR protein.
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Unformatted text preview: It accumulates domains and a mol wt of 210,000 daltons. in the cytoplasm and has a mol wt of 190,000 daltons . is an external peripheral protein with a mol same as normal wt of 25,000 daltons is a lipid anchored (inner leaflet) protein with same as normal mol wt of 95,000 daltons Obviously, there would be many different kinds of proteins in a real cell. But, for the purpose of these questions, consider only these three. Page 2 Name ________________________ Demo...
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