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From the Nernst equation, the fact that the chloride concentration inside is the same as the chloride concentration outside means that the equilibrium potential for chloride is 0mV (because ln(1) = 0 ). Opening a channel permeable only to chloride will tend to push the membrane potential toward the equilibrium potential for chloride. Since the chloride equilibrium potential is more positive than the resting membrane potential, the post-synaptic potential will be depolarizing. 4a. What is the smallest number of cells that can produce a rhythmic firing pattern? One 4b. Describe (in as much detail as you can) the cellular mechanisms which underlie this type of rhythmic firing. The cell is spontaneously active. The depolarization of the action potentials opens voltage gated calcium channels. Increased intracellular calcium opens calcium gated potassium channels. Potassium leaves the cell, causing the cell to
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