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ProjectStat8s10 - Stat 8 Pine Needle Project Checklist...

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Stat 8 Pine Needle Project – Checklist – Spring 2010 Student ID ____________________________ Signature _________________________________ Last name ________________________________ First _________________________________ I collaborated with _______________________________________________________________ Objective reminder: Observational study of pine needle length: Do 2 distinct pine tree “species” (“species” is loosely defined) have different mean needle length? The following will be considered in grading your projects. Place this page on top and staple with your report and the 2 needle samples. Bring your report at the beginning of the last lecture (Thursday of week 10). Remember to also upload your electronic file in the class DropBox on EEE along with the Excel file containing your raw data (use the file ProjectRawData available from our class website). Study design: 1. State the explanatory and response variables for this study 2.
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