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Friday, December 04, 2009 1) Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act (1974) a) Provided funding for historic preservation b) Up to 1% of federal dollars allocated to a project must be devoted cultural resource mitigation 2) Archaeological Resource Protection Act (1979) a) 100+ years old and on federal land to be protected b) Required permits on federal land c) 1990 amendment – curation guidelines 3) One of the more famous worldwide efforts to protect cultural resources a) UNESCO b) 1964 – Egyptian temples of Abu Simbel; flooding of Aswan High Dam c) Today – world bank dictates that cultural resources must be addressed before it will lend money 4) When dealing with prehistoric sites in North America a) Must be aware of Native American concerns b) American Indian Religious Freedom Act (1978) i) Rights of to believe and exercise traditions ii) Protects access to religious sites and sacred objects
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Native American Graves Protections and Reparation Act (NAGPRA) a) 1990 b) Protections for Native American marked and unmarked graves c) All skeletal material collected before 1990 had to be inventoried d) If ethnic affiliation is known, required to contact group 6) Morals and Ethics a) Tom King; past director of National Advisory Council i) Archaeologists have moral and ethical responsibilities to six factions: (1) Archaeological Record (a) Conserve as much as possible (b) Dig only if absolutely necessary (2) Colleagues (a) Give credit where credit is due (3) Research and Scholarship (a) Reports of investigations must be produced (4) Clients (a) Organization/individual paying for the work (5) Law (a) Must fulfill the terms of the contract following the legal guidelines (b) This is called compliance (6) Living...
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