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1) What is (are) their research question(s)? Their research questions included finding the origin of the site, the social and economic organization, why they intensified agriculture, the use of pottery, trade relations with others, and variations from temporal trends. 2) In what way is the excavation of this site an example of "applied archaeology?" The excavation of Catal Hoyuk is an example of "appliced archaeology" because the archaeologists want to share the history of the past society with people today in the form of a "planned heritage site." 3) This site has figured heavily in the idea of an ancient "goddess cult." Why? What does Professor Hodder think of this idea? What evidence is for or against the idea? The site has figured heavily in the idea of an ancient "goddess cult" because there is much interest in the public and specific groups about the role of women symbolically and in daily
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Unformatted text preview: life. Professor Hodder attempts to address both sides of the "goddess cult," but is not so supportive of the "goddess cult." He reminds Anita that, "Archaeologists tend to look at the data from a fairly narrow perspective, based on ethnographic or other archaeological research." Evidence supporting the "goddess cult" idea includes sculptures of enthroned women and that shrines and rooms for daily life were combined, emphasizing the importance of religion. Evidence against this idea includes that those sculptures found cannot be 100% proven they are women. Also, these sculptures have not been found in the same areas where shrines and rituals are thought to have taken place, giving them no direct connection to worshipping women....
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