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ReconstructEx1 - is relatively easy to remove meat from...

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A. What is the minimum number of sheep that were killed during the occupation of Horizon 2 at Gatecliff? The minimum number of sheep killed during the occupation of Horizon 2 at Gatecliff is B. Given the MNI you calculated, how many ribs, cervical, throacic, and lumbar elements should there be in the collection? Are there fewer than you would expect? If so, why? (Note: Experimental butchering shows that while it
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Unformatted text preview: is relatively easy to remove meat from elements such as the humerus and femur, some bones, such as ribs and vertebrae are harder to remove from the surrounding meat.) C. Given your answer to question B, do you think that Gatecliff Shelter was a residential camp at the time the sheep were killed, or was the camp located someplace else?...
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