A624 - 12th IFToMM World Congress, Besanon (France),...

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12th IFToMM World Congress, Besançon (France), June18-21, 2007 Multi-body Dynamics Simulation on Flexible Crankshaft System Ma Xingguo 1 You Xiaomei 2 Wen Bangchun 3 Northeastern University 1 Shenyang LiGong University Northeastern University Shenyang LiGong University 2 Shenyang ,China Shenyang ,China Shenyang ,China Abstract A virtual prototype of flexible multi-body crankshaft system of engine is used to do the dynamics simulation. The theory of flexible multi-body systems dynamics is combined with FEA method to study the crankshaft, the dynamic boundary loads on the joints in a working cycle are determined by the simulation on the crankshaft system. The real-time dynamics response of the crankshaft in a cycle is achieved. It provides an important foundation for the crankshaft optimum design. Keywords: crankshaft, engine, dynamics, multi-body I. Foreword Crankshaft-mechanism of engine works in HTHP environment. Crankshaft acted by the alternating loads endures different loads such as compress, stretch, bent and torsion, so its intensity and rigidity must be guaranteed in design. Crankshaft is a key part of engine, its mechanical property directly influence on the reliability and longevity of engine. At present, simplified models are mostly used in methods of the stress analysis of the crankshaft. The method are limited to one moment, does not deal with the whole working process, and cannot be used to accurately determine the stress state on the real working process of crankshaft. In recent years, the development of the virtual prototype technology and the flexible multi-body dynamics theory make it come true to know the real-time dynamics response of the crankshaft. II. The Method of Multi-body Dynamics Simulation Analysis on Flexible Crankshaft System The modelling of a virtual prototype of crankshaft system, constituted by crankshaft, link, piston and so on, has three steps. First, the three-dimensional model of these parts are built in modeling software. Second, they are transferred to ADAMS, the multi-body dynamics analysis software. Finally, the kinematical pairs are simplified to the ideal constraint used in the dynamics simulation. The flexibility action of the crankshaft has very important influence on the dynamics characteristic of the whole engine. In order to consider the elastic deformation of crankshaft, a
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A624 - 12th IFToMM World Congress, Besanon (France),...

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