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Heavy Truck Dynamics 1. Heavy Truck Dynamics Terminology • Definitions and Terms • Vectors • Forces and Moments 2. Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires • Basic Properties • Tire Models • Wheel Dynamics • Tire Slip and Traction 3. Mechanics and Kinematics of Steering Systems • Kinematics and Dynamics of Steering • Understeering and Oversteering • Steering Vibrations 4. Mechanics and Kinematics of Suspension Systems • Suspension Configurations • Primary and Secondary Suspensions • Effect of Secondary Suspensions • Primary Suspension Kinematics • Primary Suspension Dynamic Loading
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Unformatted text preview: • Primary Damper Tuning Effects • Primary Spring Design 5. Heavy Truck Ride Dynamics • Roll Stiffness of Tractor • Braking and Acceleration Analysis • Lane Change and Maneuvering Analysis • Vehicle Handling and Stability • Ride Comfort • Measurement Technique 6. Ride Dynamics Design Simulation Tools • Definitions • Mathematical Basics • Multi-body Dynamics Concepts • Derivation of Dynamic Equations • Commercially Available Software • Typical Use of Simulation Tools for Design and Production-Mod Analysis...
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