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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Mechanical Simulation Corporation 912 North Main, Suite 210, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 • 734.668.2930 • fax 734.668.2877 TruckSim 8 provides highly efficient custom computer programs optimized for solving equations in math models that represent the dynamic behavior of vehicles. The VehicleSim ® a r c h i t e c t u r e i n c l u d e s t h e b u i l t-in VS command language that can add new capabilities at run time to customize and extend the math models. Further, the models work with other software (Simulink, LabView, ETAS ASCET, Custom C/C++ programs, Visual Basic, etc.) for automation or extensions to the math models. Vehicle Math Models Nonlinear Properties and Tables Nonlinear properties are typically specified with VS tables. These can be set to use constants, linear coefficients, nonlinear tables with linear or spline interpolation, and in some cases, 2D spline interpolation. Altogether, 16 calculation options are available. When simpler methods are selected (coefficients or linear interpolation), the simulations can run even faster. Control Inputs All control inputs can be specified using built-in model options. They can also be defined by equations at runtime using VS commands. Or, they can be imported from other software such as Simulink, LabView, ASCET, or custom programs written in C, VB, etc. Built-in steering control can be specified with open-loop steering wheel angle or a driver model that follows a path relative to a road centerline. Brake and throttle control can be specified as open-loop functions of time. Alternatively, a speed-controller can be used to control throttle and brakes to follow a target speed relative to either time or position along the road. Gear shifting and clutch controls can be specified as open-loop functions of time. Alternatively, automatic shifting and clutch control can be used. Wind and Aerodynamic Effects Aerodynamic forces and moments are applied to the sprung masses (lead unit and load-carrying trailers). These forces and moments are
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Math_Models_T80 - TruckSim 8 Math Models TruckSim 8...

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