product overview vedyna

product overview vedyna - ve-DYNA®Professional Real-Time...

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Unformatted text preview: ve-DYNA®Professional Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics Simulation EnvironmentMore efficiency in component andcontroller development with comprehensivevehicle dynamics simulationve-DYNA® – The Vehicle Dynamics Simulation EnvironmentApplications veDYNA is the professional real-time vehicle dynamics simulation environment for virtual test drives. Typical applications from veDYNA range from the conceptual vehicle development at the PC to component tests in virtual or physical test rigs. The development of vehicle dynamics controllers is supported from rapid prototyping at the PC to tests in software- (SiL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) environments. veDYNA is successfully applied in diverse fields of vehicle development: ¡Parameter studies and optimisation of vehicle components, e.g. drivetrain concepts, steering system and axle suspension ¡Handling studies and ride comfort investigations ¡Driving performance and consumption calculations ¡Investigation of driving stability for commercial vehicles ¡Development and test of mechanical components in virtual and physical test rigs ¡Model-based rapid controller prototyping ¡Real-time simulation for design, test, calibration and verification of vehicle control systems, e. g. ABS, ACC and ESP, in SiL and HiL setups ¡Pre-calibration of control devices on the hardware-in-the-loop simulator ¡Integration tests in laboratory vehicles ¡Function development and real-time tests of advanced driver assistance systems ¡Virtual test drives and animation in the driving simulator Simulation Framework veDYNA provides a comprehensive simulation frame-work designed to efficiently support all your simulation tasks achieving precise and reliable results. Different product levels and numerous model enhancements provide appropriate solutions for every user. ¡Vehicle ModelGeneric vehicle model suitable for the simulation of passenger cars, racing cars as well as trucks. Easy extension for user-specific applications. ¡3D Road Model Proving ground or two-lane road model with 3D layout and variable surface properties.¡Manoeuvre Control Open-loop and closed-loop manoeuvre definition....
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product overview vedyna - ve-DYNA®Professional Real-Time...

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