R146 - Part I Chapter 1 The Problem Imposed by Racing...

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Unformatted text preview: Part I Chapter 1 The Problem Imposed by Racing Chapter 2 Tire Behavior 2.1 Lateral Force 2.2 Aligning Torque and Pneumatic Trail 2.3 Longitudinal Force 2.4 Combined Operation 2.5 Camber Effects 2.6 Other Tire Effects 2.7 Friction Circle and Ellipse 2.8 SAE Tire Axis System 2.9 Discussion of Tire Forces 2.10 Discussion of Tire Moments 2.11 Torque About the Wheel Spin Axis 2.12 Goodyear Tire Data Chapter 3 Aerodynamic Fundamentals 3.1 Properties of Air 3.2 Bernoulli’s Equation 3.3 Discussion of Bernoulli’s Equation 3.4 Pressure Distribution 3.5 Consideration of Real Flows 3.6 Aerodynamic Testing 3.7 Pressure Coefficient, C p 3.8 SAE Aerodynamic Axis System 3.9 Aerodynamic Force/Moment Coefficients Chapter 4 Vehicle Axis Systems 4.1 Two Types of Axis Systems 4.2 Vehicle Motions 4.3 Some Thoughts on Sign Conventions 4.4 Symbol Conventions in this Book Chapter 5 Simplified Steady-State Stability and Control 5.1 Approach 5.2 The Elementary Automobile Defined 5.3 Steady-State Low-Speed Cornering Geometry 5.4 Steady-State Cornering of the Neutral Steer Car 5.5 Steady-State Cornering of the Understeer Car 5.6 Steady-State Cornering of the Oversteer Car 5.7 Equations of Motion 5.8 Physical Significance of the Derivatives 5.9 Steady-State Responses...
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R146 - Part I Chapter 1 The Problem Imposed by Racing...

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