SOC-120 WK6 ASSN - 1 Punishment Research Paper Jose...

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Punishment Research Paper Jose Gonzalez Axia College of University of Phoenix 1
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Punishment Research Paper Punishment in all societies, in order to be effect, must have a relationship of two things. These things are a relationship of trust and respect. If the person being punished has neither trust nor respect for that person or group of person punishing them, then the punishment is meaningless and will only satisfy the society which was wronged. Even the strongest and oldest form of punishment retribution would have little impact over the person if there is no trust or respect to those punishing. Because the person does not care for those which are being harmed and the society does not wish to help the person for the better. Retribution will only further the persons disdain toward that group that he or she has gone against, and will only continue and further the processes of crime and punishment. Although, this will not solve any issues of crime other that simply eliminating those of the society which commit the crime. Therefore, retribution only works as a showing of dominance and control. Overall, these attempts to deter crime by punishment are not very effect and really will not deter those causing problems. Retribution is outdated and if closely looked at never truly solved any problems of society other than keeping the public in terror. Deterrence on the other hand can be seen as both positive and negative punishment; what determines its course is based upon the individual in question. The severity of the crime is also an aspect of this form of punishment. By this meaning, that is one is a drug offender and is caught, and then the deterrent actions upon the person might not be harsh. As a result, this person will see the consequences of their actions as
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SOC-120 WK6 ASSN - 1 Punishment Research Paper Jose...

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