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Final Project: Mitigation Plan Atmospheric pollution is a growing problem which the entire world has to face. The problems stems back from the industrial revolution around the 1750’s. Human activities such as urbanization and industrialization have greatly increased the amount of heat trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and other various human activities. These gases absorb and emit heat causing a warming effect, this is global warming. This is an issue the entire world is facing and we must act now before it is too late. Scientist have predicted that if we do not take any action to address this problem the earth’s average climate will continue to rise, this will also influence precipitation and certain storm patterns. Global warming is also predicted to raise sea levels thus, decreasing the amount of land on earth. Since the industrial revolution studies have consistently shown that humans are the number one contributor of greenhouse gases and other pollutants on earth. If nothing is done now we will be leaving the problem for future generations to suffer. Living factors of global warming include earth, the sun and the human race. One factor of global warming is told to be the earth’s orbit. Slow variations in the orbit of earth around the sun determine when and where energy is received. These variations affect the amount of energy that is reflected and absorbed on earth. Typically, when energy enters the earth from the sun about a third of that energy is sent back into space. The remaining amount of energy is absorbed by various things on earth. Since there are so many gases being released into the atmosphere; this energy is not being reflected into space as it should but instead is being trapped in earth. Another factor of global warming which has the most impact on the earth is the human race. Greenhouse gases were at first, a natural way for the earth to stay warm and support life. However, the introduction of industrialization brought forth by man has now dramatically enhanced the greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuels used to produce electricity, heating, and transportation is still an issue to this day and is one of the leading factors of greenhouse emissions. That the accelerated rate we are consuming fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere faster than ever before. Carbon dioxide is being expelled faster than it can be withdrawn, absorbed into the oceans, or consumed by living things. The build up of carbon dioxide also plays a huge as the controlling factor of the climate change. The use of land is also a man made factor which is affecting and adding to the
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SCI-275 WK9 Final - 1 Final Project: Mitigation Plan...

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