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Local Environmental Issue CheckPoint One major environmental problem happening in my town is over population. I currently live in a desert area still developing and growing, but the problem is that the population is growing significantly faster than the town. This is due to two key factors, one of which is a financial issue. Most people living in the bigger cities of southern California are struggling financially; therefore they will migrate to this area where the cost of living is cheaper. This is only logical and there is nothing wrong with that but, the issue is there isn’t enough room for everyone to move into the area yet. New housing and communities built in the area are typically fully occupied within a month or two f being completed.
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Unformatted text preview: The second environmental factor of the area is reproduction, there are too many people and a major portion of young people reproducing faster in a smaller area than Ive ever seen. Population is a major issue for the area considering it has already surpassed the towns current occupancy limit. This issue is also affecting the local economic status, since there is an issue with over population there is not much of a job market. Roughly estimating, for every 5 people in the area 4 are unemployed. There is not enough commerce in the area to supply the population with work, but for the same reasons people continue to migrate toward this area for cheaper housing and living....
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