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Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint What differentiates conservationists from preservationists is the manner in which they view the use and future of the environment. The view of the conservationists is to use natural resources to our advantage in an environmentally safe way. Preservationists on the other hand say that natural habitats should remain untouched by man and modern technology. I do not believe there is a manner to harvest forest resources without changing, or harming natural resources. I feel it would be better to leave what little natural environmental habitats are left alone. On the other hand, I’m as most people used to a certain comfort level of living. I would love to say I’m in favor of
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Unformatted text preview: preserving the natural habitats that are left but; to be completely honest I do not feel I would be able give up certain things I have come accustomed too. Although I know where I stand on the matter, there is still that one question that stays in the back of my mind. This question being, is damaging another pure and natural habitat forever worth some energy and fuel now? I would say no but, considering the way I have grown accustomed to living overall I would have to say yes. Therefore, the side I feel I’m more inclined toward would be the conservationists view....
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