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Unformatted text preview: Urbanization Urbanization By: Jose Gonzalez Benefits of Urbanization Benefits of Urbanization Comfortable living Less spreading of disease Better education More resources Better economy Urbanization = Better Economy Urbanization = Better Economy More business More fuel usage More property to be sold More opportunity Challenges of Urbanization Challenges of Urbanization Limited land Lack of investors Unwillingness to migrate Depleting natural habitats Global warming Urbanization = Global Warming Urbanization = Global Warming New cites will require energy Cities further out will use more fuel for transportation Already low resources will be depleted Species will begin to die out Revitalizing the Bronx Revitalizing the Bronx Renovating of historical buildings Reconstruction of the Old Bronx Courthouse New educational and cultural institutions Including: ­ High School for Law ­ Newly­built Supreme Court ­ New open space and recreational facilities ­ Improved transportation systems Sheltering the Needy Sheltering the Needy Sufficient housing for those in need Helping Agadir, Morocco integrate into the economy Improving social and political life ...
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